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  • How to choose raw materials for plastic injection molding products?
    You can provide your product usage and placement environment, and we will recommend appropriate raw materials for you to choose.
  • What information do I need to provide us before valuing a product?
    (1) Product functions and instructions for use.(2) Product 3D, 2D computer design drawings, samples or models are all acceptable.(3) Product material or special processing requirements.(4) Whether the mold has special requirements.(5) The annual production volume of the product or the order demand.(6) Product packaging method.
  • How long does it take to receive a quote after providing product information?
    After receiving the product information, as long as the information is sufficient, the quotation can be provided in about 3~5 working days.
  • How long does it take to open a plastic injection mold?
    It takes about 45~60 working days to open the mold. If the customer has urgent needs, we will try our best to meet the customer's needs.
  • What is the minimum order quantity for plastic injection products?
    The minimum order quantity is about 500~1000 pieces, and the minimum order quantity can be adjusted according to the actual size of the product.
  • Plastic injection molding OEM, how long can it be shipped after the order is placed?
    ・If it is a single injection molding product, it can be shipped in about 10~14 working days.・If the manufacturing process is complicated, we will provide you with the number of days required for production after evaluation.
  • Only rough product size or sample, can you provide quotation?
    Yes, please provide information such as product usage, appearance requirements, materials, placement environment, etc. We will provide you with a quotation after evaluation.
  • Can new products be designed?
    Yes, please contact us for further discussion.
If the above does not solve your problem,
or you need business negotiation and quotation, feel free to contact us now.
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